If the Syrian bombing broke the friendship between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russia President Vladimir Putin, North Korea’s nuclear ambition may cost Kim Jong-un his friendship with Chinese President Xi Jinping. There is a chance the former BFFs may restore their friendship that went sour over the Syrian airstrike ordered by Trump after Syrian troops allegedly used sarin nerve gas on civilians. Trump and Putin talked over the phone on Tuesday. Their talk centered on the Syrian conflict and tensions in the Korean peninsula.

Cracks are showing

However, cracks are now evident in the friendship between Beijing and Pyongyang as Trump befriended Xi during the Chinese president’s state visit to Trump’s private resort. china is now veering toward Washington’s side when it comes to curbing North Korea’s nuclear program, which has caused a crack in relations between the two former allies.

The Korean Central News Agency, a state-run media company, hit China for its “string of absurd and reckless remarks” concerning Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions. China pointed out that the nuclear weapons program of North Korea is leading the U.S. and South Korea to build up their militaries in the Korean peninsula.

KCNA retorted, saying that the DPRK would never beg China to maintain its friendship with North Korea.

Keeping the friendship would risk Pyongyang’s nuclear program which the country considers as precious “as its own life.” The news agency asked Beijing not to test the limits of DPRK’s patience. KCNA urged China to ponder over the grave consequences that would happen if Beijing chops down the pillar of China-DPRK relations, The Telegraph reported.

Lack of understanding of North Korea

Trump was not spared by Minju Choson, the principal newspaper of the North Korean cabinet ministers. KCNA, which re-published the comments, said that the American president does not understand the communist nation. It said Trump’s administration is only a beginner when it comes to ignorance about North Korea.

KCNA also warned Washington that North Korea would not be influenced by crimes such as a regime change in countries that are against imperialist nations. The news agency warned that it would wipe out people who consider hurting the dignity of Kim Jong-un whom North Koreans consider their supreme leader.

While Trump recently stated he is willing to also talk to the North Korean leader under the right circumstances, Pyongyang, so far, has not commented on Trump’s offer of a meeting with Kim Jong-un, The Washington Post reported.