The state-controlled media in North Korea blamed military provocation from the U.S. for the possible triggering of a nuclear war. KRT pointed to the flight of two U.S. B-1B Lancer bombers that held training in the region with Japanese and South Korean air forces as a show of American military muscle.

KRT described the American military provocations as “becoming more explicit day by day.” The state-controlled broadcaster warned the Korean peninsula is being dragged to a point close to a nuclear war, NBC reported. But KRT said that Pyongyang is only waiting for the perfect time to reduce the whole U.S.

mainland to ruins.

Failed missile tests

North Korea insisted it has the capability to destroy the U.S., but its third missile launch in April on Saturday was another dud when the missile exploded seconds after it was fired. Because of these gaffes, the Foreign Ministry of the communist nation said North Korea would speed up measures to boost at a maximum pace the country’s nuclear program, New York Post reported.

Pyongyang claimed that the military exercise led by the U.S. is actually a training exercise for the allies to invade North Korea. KRT accused the U.S. jets of holding several nuclear bombing exercises against major targets in the communist nation.

Meeting Kim Jong-un

After Saturday’s failed missile launch and Kim Jong-un’s promise to develop better missiles, U.S.

President Donald Trump said that Washington would not allow it to happen. Although the commander-in-chief has stated a willingness to meet with the Korean dictator under “right circumstances,” Trump refused to discuss with CBS the possibility of a U.S. military action.

He said most politicians would never say that they would be willing to meet the dictator.

But White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said it is clear that the conditions are not here right now. Spicer said Washington must first see Kim Jong-un’s “provocative behavior ratcheted down,” Bloomberg reported.

Parallels to a chess game

Trump compared dealing with Pyongyang to a chess game in which he does not want the foe to know what he is thinking about.

However, Christopher Hill, a diplomat under former President George W. Bush, advised Trump against meeting Kim Jong-un.

Experts have also cautioned Trump from launching a military initiative against Pyongyang because it could devastate South Korea if North Korea would strike Seoul which is only 25 miles from the border. At risk are 10 million Seoul residents. Even China’s Foreign Ministry is urging the two countries to lower the temperature in the Korean peninsula and resume dialogue and contact as soon as possible.