Donald Trump is raising security concerns for allegedly encouraging his counterparts to directly contact his private cellphone whenever they want to discuss certain issues with him. Apparently, the US president handed his cellphone number to Canada's Justin Trudeau and France's Emmanuel Macron during his foreign tour and urged the two to talk to him via his private cell.

What's wrong with using a private channel?

A former Pentagon adviser said presidents are supposed to communicate through official channels rather that secure lines. Derek Chollet said communicating through an open line are being monitored by those who are authorized to do so.

In 2013, Angela Merkel figured out the US government was monitoring her calls. In fact, then-president Barrack Obama allegedly approved the tapping when he was first informed in 2010. Earlier reports claimed the surveillance began even before Merkel was appointed for the chancellor post.

Trump, on the other hand, slammed Hillary Clinton for allegedly using a secure email server while she was still the US secretary. The then-candidate argued his contender should be denied access to classified information and even called her a "grossly incompetent" candidate for putting the lives of the Americans on the lines.

The POTUS further said Clinton and her campaign team were "careless" and that the female presidential hopeful is not qualified for the highest position.

A breach of diplomatic protocol

Trump's use of a private cell is said to be a violation of diplomatic protocol. Not only that, the act could pose concern on the security and secrecy of the president's communications. Reports stated that the US leader was able to convince Trudeau to call him on his private cell. The Canadian prime minister, however, has refused to address this issue at the moment.

The same goes to Trump, who is keeping a tight-lipped over his reported conversation with Trudeau through an open line.

Experts stated even official channels are still "vulnerable to eavesdropping." Hence, a president should not be allowed to use his private cell phone to communicate with other leaders since most of their conversations include planning and other confidential subjects.

Officials from the State Department and National Security revealed scripted talking points and background of the subject matter to be discussed is being prepared before two leaders can communicate over an official channel. After every phone call, a transcript will be given to a certain group of people.