The terrorist group ISIS and former U.S. President Barack Obama have one thing in common, and it has nothing to do with religion because he is not a Muslim. The two do not think highly of current U.S. President Donald trump.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria thinks Obama’s successor is an idiot. The former president thinks Trump is "nothing but a bulls**tter." People magazine said Obama made the assessment of the real estate billionaire in November when they first met, based on what two of the publication’s unnamed sources said.

No change after five months

Five months have passed since Obama allegedly made his assessment of Trump. The former president reportedly told a close friend that the 44th U.S. president’s opinion of the 45th president has not improved. The Telegraph pointed out that while Trump described himself as the worst nightmare of Obama, the former host of “The Apprentice” said he has respect and admiration for his predecessor whom he considers a very, very good man.

Obama’s low regard for Trump comes from what he has seen. Much of the public is also not that optimistic about the current president as proven by his latest approval rating that Morning Consult/Politico released on Wednesday. Of the 2,001 registered voters polled, the president’s approval rating was 42 percent while disapproval was 50 percent.

Three previous ratings show the decline in Trump’s approval rating. On April 20, his rating was 51 percent which went down to 48 percent after one week and further slid to 44 percent on May 4. Newsweek noted that the latest 42 percent approval rating was logged before the reports came out that the president share classified information with a Russian official.

The ratings also preceded a leaked memo that asked FBI Director James Comey, whom Trump later sacked, to kill his investigation of Trump’s former national security adviser, but Trump denied the report.

Obama is still optimistic

People magazine reported that while Obama is deeply concerned over what he has seen happening in the White House, he remains optimistic.

He is also happy that Americans are not just watching Trump commit one blunder after another. Instead, citizens engaged with neighbors and the representatives they voted for at town hall meetings.

Obama has not commented on the People magazine report, although he has not publicly criticized his successor since he left the oval office. Meanwhile, the current occupant of White House told graduates of the Coast Guard Academy on Wednesday that he is the most unfairly treated politician in history. He particularly pinpointed the media as perpetrators of the unfair treatment. But the president told the graduates not to let critics get them down and naysayers get in the way of their dreams.