Officials in Mason County, Washington are investigating a series of home intrusions, the number of which appears to be growing. Their suspect is 22-year-old Chase Garner, whose phone they have in their possession. On that phone, police found hundreds of photos of feet; now they are trying to match up the feet to the home intrusion victims.

Suspect took photos of women’s feet as they slept in home intrusions

What they have found out so far is that Garner took the images of the victims’ feet as they slept. The first recorded incident happened on April 6 in Shelton, when a woman awoke at 4:30 a.m., finding a man standing next to her and trying to remove her sock.

The man reportedly left through an unlocked door. A similar incident occurred on April 20, when another Shelton woman awoke at 4:20 a.m. In that case, the woman saw a man standing in her bedroom doorway.

The list of home intrusion victims gradually increased to six, then police believed it was more like 10, but with the latest discovery on the suspect's phone, they realize there are a lot more victims than they first thought. In each case, the suspect, Garner, allegedly took photos of the women’s feet as they slept.

More photos of feet, more potential home intrusion victims

Mason County Sheriff Chief Deputy Ryan Spurling announced Saturday that the list is definitely growing.

While going through the photos, he is now wondering if they are all photos of additional home intrusion victims. He made public a small series of photos which could potentially be identified, as the feet had particular distinguishing marks, bedding and Band-Aids. He is now hoping that the public can help him put the feet to a name and identify the victims.

Spurling did add that they had identified quite a few of the feet pictured in the photos.

What is worrying is that police believe Garner took all the foot photos while the victims were sleeping and possibly unaware of the fact that someone was even in their home. What he now wants is for the media and the community at large to help bring this series of crimes to light and confirm that Garner is the suspect in the eerie home intrusions.

Reportedly on April 27, officials from the Shelton Police Department and the Sheriff’s office served a search warrant at Garner’s home. Besides the phone, they found a number of items taken from women’s homes, including guns and undergarments, all likely taken while the victims were asleep.

Suspect knows the victims through work or social media

From what investigators have found out so far, Garner appears to be connected to the various female victims, either through work or on social media. Garner has already, reportedly, told police he entered one home after seeing information the victim posted on social media. In many cases, the homes were entered by Garner through unlocked doors.