Michael Flynn, Former national security adviser, is set to come forward with documents to the Senate Committee as required for the investigation into Russia’s interference in the just concluded elections, according to sources.

Flynn’s decision to support the investigation came as Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, declined a request by the committee to produce the documents, and Boris Epshten, a former White House staffer, confirmed he has been called upon to provide information for the investigation.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump have condemned the allegation of Russia’s attempt to interfere in the presidential elections.

Michael Flynn to cooperate with senate committee

Flynn’s cooperation was a sign that he and the Senate Committee were on level ground. The retired general is trying to limit indicting disclosures that the lawmakers may use against him as they press for important document.

Michael Flynn had already invoked his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination when the Committee requested a wide range of documented information relating to his contacts with Russia. Flynn’s lawyer complained that the request was too elaborate and would have required Flynn to turn over documents that could be used against him.

In response, the panel reviewed the scope of its request. It also requested records from Mr.

Flynn’s firms. Earlier this year, one of his firms, Flynn Intel Group Inc., worked with a Turkish businessman that required him to register with the Justice Department as a foreign agent. Among the transactions was the sum of $33,000 Flynn received from RT, the Russian television network which U.S. intelligence labeled as a propaganda arm of the Russian government.

Flynn to submit personal documents

Sources close to Flynn said he will give up personal documents and also documents regarding the two businesses the panel requested for in the narrower subpoena. The source said that Flynn intends to produce some of the information by next week. The source spoke under the condition of anonymity.

While investigations are still ongoing, Trump and Putin both denied the allegation that Russia meddled with the just concluded 2016 presidential election by hacking classified emails.

Putin re-emphasized his strong denial of Russia’s involvement in the hack in an interview he had with a French newspaper, Le Figaro. The interview, which was recorded during Putin’s trip to Paris, was released on Tuesday. Putin referred to the assertions as fictional and concocted by democrats in order to explain their loss.