Yet another horrifying video has appeared on Facebook Live on Tuesday night, showing 49-year-old James. M Jeffrey of Robertsdale, Al. Committing Suicide by shooting himself in the head with a rifle. The Alabama Man was reportedly upset over the recent breakup with his girlfriend and had decided to end it all – publically and live.

Woman dials 911 with concerns over Alabama man

The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office told that they received an emergency call at around 11 p.m. Tuesday from a woman, concerned that Jeffrey might be considering harming himself.

The unidentified women had said the pair was in the midst of a breakup and that he had stopped communicating with her.

911 calls streamed in after suicide appeared on Facebook Live

Police were en route to Jeffrey’s home on Ponderosa Farm Road when a stream of 911 calls came in, after people saw the Alabama man shooting himself in the head on a livestreamed video.

According to authorities, that horrifying footage received over 1,000 views and had been shared by many people on Facebook. The Facebook Live video was still on Facebook for around a further two hours before being taken down.

As reported by The New York Daily News, Assistant Chief Deputy Anthony Lowery told reporters he hoped this wasn’t becoming a trend. Lowery said it is one thing to commit suicide, but it’s another thing to victimize others while doing it.

Brutal and horrifying Facebook Live footage becoming a trend

Unfortunately this kind of incident is, indeed, becoming a trend.

As reported by Blasting News, a Thai father recently streamed himself killing his baby daughter, before committing suicide. Last month, Facebook Live was also in the news, when Steve Stephens brutally shot a random, elderly man on the street – 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. – as revenge on his girlfriend who had recently broken up with him.

Stephens later shot himself as police tracked him down after a massive manhunt. Gang rape videos have also surfaced on the livestreaming platform, some of which are being used in evidence against the rapists.

As noted by USA Today, Facebook made an announcement last month saying it was increasing its efforts to prevent users livestreaming their suicides and other violent footage on their platform. The social media platform is currently in the act of hiring 3,000 more monitors in an attempt to catch the worst kind of video footage as it happens on Facebook Live.

They are also planning to integrate suicide prevention tools on their platform, offering live-chat support via crisis support organizations in an effort to make it easier for users to report suicides and other brutal content viewed on the live platform.

Lowery said that after a preliminary investigation at Jeffrey’s home, it was clear the Alabama man had shot himself in the head using a rifle. The video of the incident has been seized as evidence and authorities are planning an autopsy.