Eminem, Marshall Bruce Mathers III in real life, has appealed to his 20.8 million followers on Twitter to donate money to help the victims of the Manchester Bombing. The “Rap God” singer made donations to the JustGiving page initiated by the Manchester Evening News following the massacre.

Manchester Evening News reported that donations totaled £4.1m with £1.6m coming from the JustGiving and the rest was from We Love Manchester Emergency Fund set up by Red Cross and the Council. The rapper is currently in the UK to perform at the Leeds and Reading Festival.

He supplied his followers a link to JustGiving.

Eminem appeals for help for the Manchester bombing

The famous Manchester United and the Manchester City pledged a total of £1m. Actor Tom Hardy also set up a We Love Manchester page and has since collected £28,000 for the victims. He condemned the bombing and called it a cowardly and barbaric act that disrupted the peaceful lives of the victims. Recovery seems a remote idea at present due to the trauma that it has caused.

Eminem can do so much for the victims because of his huge following of fans who are loyal and supportive people. The incident saw unity among the people, even outside of Manchester to give a bit of what they have to appease the pain and loss of the families of the victims.

Several suspects are now in the hands of the police

Counter-terror police investigating the Manchester bombing made a series of arrests that yielded significant results. An 18-year-old was arrested who is the youngest so far among the perpetrators of the massacre. Earlier, the raid at Salman Abedi’s home revealed that he was making bombs inside his home.

During the raid, large quantities of explosive chemicals were discovered in his home.

This has led to the police to theorize that it is possible that more than one bomb was made and some might be in the hands of fellow terrorists. Abedi was believed to have acquired the knowledge of the assembly of bombs from Libya.

At present, 66 people are being treated in various hospitals; 23 of them are in critical condition.

Eight men are now in the custody of the police whose ages range from 18-38. The Manchester bombing was believed to be targeting women and teenage girls as the majority of the concert attendees were females.

As Eminem and other charitable celebrities continue to donate and collect funds, the families of the victims will at least feel that many are empathizing with them. Out of the 22 casualties, seven are young children and the oldest of them was only 38. The world cries in pain for losing those young men and women in a senseless decision of one man to detonate a bomb.