It appears that Donald Trump has been drawing a huge amount of criticism lately. The racist attack in Portland has been shocking news for everyone in the city, but The President seems to have taken it lightly as he did not acknowledge the death of the victims.

Rick Best 53, and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, 23, were brutally stabbed to death while trying to prevent a racist attack on a Muslim teenager. The attack took place on a commuter train in Portland, Oregon and it is suspected to be carried out by a white supremacist.

Donald Trump has been ignoring the attack

The attack took place on Friday and since then Trump has not reacted, he completely ignored the death of two brave men. Instead, he tweeted about fake news and healthcare. The people of Portland began to question Trump about making a statement on the attack.

The American veteran journalist, Dan Rather took to social media along with some supporters calling on Donald Trump to acknowledge the life of both brave Americans. The Mayor of Portland and the FBI have honored the men as heroes for their sacrifice.

According to the Guardian, the heroes of Portland gave their lives to protect Muslim women from an extremist. Another victim named Destinee Mangum was present when the attack took place, she said she was traveling along with a Muslim friend and if it was not for Taliesin and Rick she would have been dead by now.

Is Trump being racist?

Trump has been well-known for his racist comments throughout the country. American journalist Peter Beinart also tweeted Trump has something to do with the attack. The President praised a candidate for assaulting a journalist and he also posted about his trip to Europe but still said nothing about the Portland attack.

Dan Rather carried out the issue on Facebook and gained many supporters, he further stated that Portland is still a part of America and Donald Trump is still its President. The failure of Trump to speak about the dual murder has certainly triggered rage among many people.

Rick Best was a college graduate and Namkai-Meche was an Army veteran.

On Saturday, dozens of people from the city gathered to honor the fatal tragedy. A suspect named Jeremey Joseph has been arrested, and officers are trying to determine if he would face hate crime charges. The family members of the victims along with friends gathered at the memorial service to pay their respects. Both the victims will be remembered in the history of Portland for their sacrifice.