In March when the Republican Leaders abruptly pulled a rewrite of the nation's health-care system from consideration, President Trump made a statement when he was being interviewed in his office, he said "I will make a deal with the Democrats to have a unified and beautiful deal for the people, I have no problem waiting for the Democrats to seek cooperation with Republicans on health- care". The Republicans passed the bill after failing to secure enough support for their initial effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

It has been a tussle between Trump and the Republicans which they decided to end by mustering the vote to pass the bill.

The Democrats who voted unanimously against the bill still kept their reservations vowing to make the Republicans pay a political price for pushing such unpopular legislation. Trump boasted that the health-care bill is a great bill, "very incredibly well crafted" he said.

Issues surrounding the GOP Bill

Uncertainty surrounds the bill as there are barriers to the bill making it to the senate, where it will undergo major changes.The Democrats are against the bill, believing it will leave Americans worse off, predicting the death of so many people as a result of the GOP healthcare plan.It has been projected that about 24 million Americans will be uninsured in 2026, which may likely bring back the popular provision of the Affordable Care Act.The bill allows insurance companies opt out of previously mandated clause and be able to charge individuals and families more in premiums if there were a coverage gap.

There has been negative responses from the people who believe that the GOP plan does not favor the low earners, a crowd was seen in Dunkirk protesting against the bill.Trump admitted that the GOP may not be a perfect plan but there can be changes before it goes to the senate for a vote. According to White House Pool reports, Trump said "It could change a little bit, it could be maybe even better, it is a very good bright right now."

Trump's Predictions

President Trump predicted that the GOP will be more affordable than the Obamacare, premiums and deductibles will come down, he will ensure the bill is signed into law.

He said "I am confident we are going to get the bill passed through the senate." Trump claimed to have been moved to get a better healthcare bill because people were suffering so badly, ravaged by Obamacare. In his meeting with the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in New York, Trump said Australia has a better healthcare plan than the US but the new GOP plan is best in the whole world.