The former Director of National Intelligence -- James Clapper -- reproved the Trump Administration on the decision to fire FBI boss James Comey last week. He said in a statement issued last week that he felt that US institutions were “under assault” from both internal and external sources, citing the interference of Russia in the just concluded elections. Clapper stated emphatically that the assault on US institutions was coming from the president after being pressed by Jake Tapper of CNN. Clapper expressed distrust in the system of governance and admonished the other tiers of government for doing their best to checkmate the executive.

Members of Congress to confirm new FBI boss

Several Members Of Congress have openly considered investigating the assertion that there was an intervention by Russia to influence the US election in favor of President Trump. He also stated that the new FBI boss should handle the Russia investigation following confirmation by the senate.

Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee raised a motion on “Fox News Sunday” that President Trump should appoint Judge Merrick Garland as FBI boss. A former aide to the Senate Majority leader also affirmed later on the program that the Republican leader was also backing Garland for the FBI's top spot.

This might cause a backlog in the judiciary as Garland is presently handling the office of the Justice of the Supreme court, thus, his appointment as FBI boss will leave a vacancy in the US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Clapper mentioned on NBC that he was unaware of any evidence to prove Russia’s collusion with the Trump campaign. While speaking at a subcommittee briefing, Clapper also said he wasn’t aware that the FBI was investigating the issue until March, when Comey made it public.

Sally Yates' denial

The former Attorney General Sally Yates -- when asked whether there was evidence of collusion -- did not give an answer.

Clapper claimed he was unaware of any report of political collusion. He also stated that his “standard practice” as Director of National Intelligence during the Obama administration was to rely on the FBI regarding any counterintelligence investigation. He indicated that the community’s joint assessment that inferred Russia’s interference in the election did not report any political collusion.

President Trump issued a warning to Comey via Twitter on Friday about leaking information to the media, saying; “better hope that there are no tapes of our conversation before it starts leaking to the press.”