The terror attack at the Manchester Arena on May 22 was one of the worst terrorist attacks to have taken place in the UK, and over the next few days, the Terror Threat Level was raised to "critical." The threat level of "critical" signifies that another terror attack could be in the works, which sent the country into a bit of a panic. However, Prime Minister Theresa May announced yesterday that the threat level has been reduced and is now being classified as "severe."

The downgrade does not change anything

Although it is true that the latest update means that an attack is not expected at any moment, the possibility of another terror attack remains highly likely and that is why it is hardly going to come as a great respite for the general public.

After the threat level had been raised to "critical," British soldiers with guns had been patrolling the streets, but following the latest evaluation from the security agencies in the country, the army will stand down. The Prime Minister stated that following extensive meetings with the relevant authorities, the government had come to the decision to lower threat levels. She added that the police activities in the aftermath of the terror attacks had also been a factor in the decision. On Saturday, the police had to clear up an area in Manchester during the course of their investigation into the attacks but it was later reported that there was no need to panic since it was standard safety procedure.

The investigation continues

The investigation into the network that was responsible for the Manchester terror attack continues in full steam and arrests are still being made in order to gauge the full extent of the network. The police in Manchester have made several arrests over the past week and have even spoken to the attacker's family in order to get a better understanding of the situation.

The police made two arrests on Sunday, one in the Gorton area and another in Manchester, as they continue to try and unearth the entire conspiracy behind the terror attack. British Home Secretary Amber Rudd said that intelligence is still being collected by the police but she believes that some members of the network could still be at large.

She added that the problem facing the British security establishment is quite challenging at this point in time. She condemned Daesh and their efforts to radicalize the young Muslim population in the United Kingdom.