Al Green, a Democratic Representative, has begun compiling a list of charges against US President Donald Trump, Newsweek writes. The Texas congressman called a House Of Representatives last week to launch the US President's recall process.

Death threats

Green contacted the House of Representatives immediately after it was discovered that Trump had asked from former FBI director James Comey to give up on investigating his connection with Russia and former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Green has ever since been a target of constant racist attacks and death threats, but it did not hinder him in the struggle for Trump's recall: "We will go ahead, and I'm already filing accusations for revocation," he said on Tuesday for C-Span.

Green said he was threatened with telephone calls after accusTrump of hindering justice and calling for his resignation. In the city hall, he allegedly played several voicemail messages left by Republican supporters, but added that those messages would not stop him. "They will not intimidate us, we will not allow us to turn around for this and forget about what is right, which is the revocation of President Trump," the Independent writes.

He was the first member of the Congress that called for Trump's revocation in Congress, and as one of the main reasons, he cited a dismissal of FBI director James Comey.

"This is not something I wanted to do, but I feel that I'm compelled to do so." The president denied justice, which he even admitted on national television, "Green said.

The other Democrats stated that a more detailed investigation should be carried out before the revocation. In response to the question, what he thinks of such an attitude of a Democrats, Green responded: "I do not mean anything because here it is not about Democrats, it is about democracy, the rule of peoples by peoples for the people, and I do not care about the Republicans' views because it is not about them, but about the republics."

If nobody does anything, I will do it myself

Green also said that he worked with experts on constitutional law and that he would lodge an official request for Trump's revocation and without anybody's help: "I have to see what others will do, but if nobody does anything, I will do it myself." The process of revoking the president could take a long time.

For the recall, the majority of the votes of the representatives and the two-third majority in the Senate are needed. Republicans are currently controlling the House of Representatives and the Senate.