The North Korean missile launched from a location near the port city of Sinop exploded almost immediately after the launch on Sunday, and just a few hours before the arrival of US Vice President Mike Pence to South Korea for talks about a North Korean weapons program.

Failed test-firing missiles took place a day after Pyongyang held a large military parade to mark the birthday of their late founder of the country Kim Il Sung on which they show new long-range ballistic missiles.

"It is a possibility that the test failed because the system is sill not sufficiently developed, however, there is a strong belief that the United States interfered with the test launch through cyber attacks." Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the former British Foreign Secretary, and defense told the BBC.

Obama's orders from 2014

According to The Telegraph, former US President Barack Obama in 2014 ordered the intensification of efforts trough cyber attacks to disable North Korean missile launch. Obama's order has increased the number of unsuccessful launches, however, it is not known whether alla the failures are cosenquence of cyber attacks or lack of sophistication of North Korean technology.

South Korea, meanwhile, has said that the North Korean show of force "jeopardized the whole world" and added that they still did not identify the kind of missiles North Korea unsuccessfully launched.

American foreign policy adviser, who was traveling with Vice President Pence in aboard Air Force Two, tried to ease tensions by saying that the test-firing of missiles was not a surprise.

"We had good information intelligence before the launch and a good data after the launch," said the adviser, who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity. According to him, the missile was in the air four or five seconds. ''We do not have to waste our power because of this'' he added.

A US military helicopter crashed on a golf course

Helicopter UH-60 Black Hawk was flying on a routine exercise when it crashed on a golf course in Leonardtown in the southern part of Maryland. The helicopter took off from the military aerodrome Davison in Virginia. At the time of the fall, in the helicopter were three crew members one of whom died in the crash.

The other two were injured, and one was in critical condition, reports CNN.

The US military said the crash was due "problematic" landing. The cause and details of the accident are still being investigated. "We are deeply saddened by this loss within our community," said the commander of the US Military District of Washington Bradley A. Becker. One of the eyewitnesses, Garrett Bowles, told CNN that the helicopter "crashed into several trees before it crashed." Helicopter UH-60 Black Hawk is designed for air strikes, fire fighting, emergency medical intervention, and evacuation.