World War 1 is a distant memory now. On 6th of April 1917, the United States entered the war against the Central Powers led by Germany. A hundred years have a elapsed since then. It's a poignant thought that 117000 US servicemen were killed in the war.

The US Army on Thursday commemorated the 100th anniversary of this important day. A modest ceremony was held at the Pentagon to mark the day. The intervention took place as Germany resorted to unrestricted submarine warfare, leading to the death of many Americans.The celebrations on the 6th April included soldiers from the US 3rd infantry regiment.

They were dressed in uniforms worn by soldiers during the first world war. The US Army band also Sang "it's a long way to Tipperary" and " over there."


This is the beginning of a number of celebrations which will continue throughout the year to next year. The World War 1 Centennial Commission is scheduled to declare open the National World War 1 Memorial in Washington next year. This is a way of remembering over 100 thousand Young Men of America, who died fighting to thwart the plan of the German Emperor Kaiser Willhelm II. He was deposed after the war

World War I

World War 1 was a catastrophe, and millions of people lost their lives. This was also the period when the Russian Revolution took place.

America's entry into the war marked the beginning of its rise as the world's superpower American army participated in significant battles in France. At the end of the war, America was the world's powerhouse. The war's end saw almost the entire Western Europe including Russia in debt to the Americans. This made America economically a super power.

Many of the nations could not pay back their debt, and later the US government had to write them off.

America a superpower

America's role as the world's policeman commenced after World War 1 and had continued for the next 100 Years. The entry of the US into the war is of great significance, and hence the event is being commemorated.

This also shows that America does not forget the servicemen who served in its army and Airforce

Last word

Much water has flown down during the last 100 years. America has moved ahead. However, by the whole, the US has supported the path of righteousness. Once again North Korea, Iran, and Syria are the tests of the US role in world affairs. It'll be interesting to watch how the US state faces these problems.