united airlines sparked controversy due to the recent incident on one of its flights and because of this, many people from around the globe are expressing their opinions. People expressed their anger on social media, while some prominent personalities talked about their distaste of the incident.

A video of a man being dragged off the plane is going viral. This man was onboard one of the flights of United Airlines and he was removed from his flight from Chicago to Louisville on April 9 due to overbooking. Said man, who happened to be a doctor, was violently removed from the overbooked flight to give way to United Airlines employees who needed to be on the flight.

Gov. Christie wants to suspend overbooking

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was disgusted with the event and has called for the suspension of overbooking. He said that it is outrageous to "pay for a ticket, reserve a seat, be seated and then dragged off the plane." This is a huge concern since the airlines has 70% of their flights at Newark Liberty International Airport. Christie also commented about their customer service, saying that "the customer is always last" in United.

Kimmel's comment about Donald Trump

Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel said that the video of the doctor who is being dragged off the plane, as well as the press release of the company in response to the incident, is a total nightmare.

Because of what happened, United is making headlines, but they also took an "economic hit" since their stocks went down, losing $225 million in market value in just one day. As of this writing, the company's loss is already at $800 million.

But, aside from the aforementioned statements of Kimmel, what left a mark in the minds of the viewers is his mention of Donald Trump.

According to Kimmel, Trump wants to spend more time traveling during his first year which will surpass the travel record of President Barrack Obama for eight years.

He said that Trump goes to Florida every weekend and that this has already cost more than $20 million in taxpayer money. He ended his statement by saying that, "this is the guy we need United to drag off the plane."

United receives backlash on Twitter

While many expressed their anger because of the horrific incident, there are also some people who made fun of United.

People posted different memes on Twitter wherein some show what to do before getting on a flight with United, while others posted clips and images of people being dragged.

Aside from the number of posts with the hashtag #UnitedAirlines, many people are also suggesting to boycott the company. Some travel agencies even removed United as one of their service providers. Take a look at some tweets below: