It is a bad month for united airlines. Following the incident of a doctor being dragged off the plane, the airlines got involved in numerous controversial situations that have significantly affected the company. This time, another issue emerged about the airline company which includes a family.

A father and daughter pair is coming home from a trip to Cancun, Mexico. But things turned out differently while they were on a flight returning home. The man's wife, Maura Furfey narrated the unfortunate incident to the media.

Child trafficking issue

According to reports, United Airlines accused a Mexican man of trafficking his own daughter to flight.

Furfey, an Irish descent, said that she was on her way to pick up her husband and 3-year-old daughter at the Newark Airport when she was called by the Port Authority that there is an incident of the plane.

It turned out that one passenger commented that the girl was kidnapped because she was fair-skinned and the father wasn't. Because of that, United Airlines escorted Furfey's husband off the plane by Port Authority and Customs and Border Patrol. He was brought in for questioning, and the CPB claimed that they are doing this for a protocol.

Furfey said that the passenger who expressed concern about kidnapping has no basis for the claim. She added that there isn't any evidence to back up the accusation of child trafficking.

United Airlines apology

Because of the mistake, United Airlines apologized to the family of Furfey and gave her a $100 travel voucher. But apparently, this isn't enough for the damage they have done to her husband and daughter. She wants the appropriate measures to be taken in order to prevent a repetition of said situation.

She said that it is important that every airline reviews their procedures. She also added that simply checking flight records and passports will help resolve the issue. The family admitted that what happened was a terrifying experience for them and that they were never prepared for it.

Other controversies involving United

It can be recalled that United Airlines got involved in a huge controversy after a man was dragged off the plane since he wouldn't volunteer to give up his seat on an overbooked flight.

The man happened to be a doctor, and many people expressed their distaste to the action of the company.

Apart from that, a couple who were on their way to their wedding were escorted off the flight after they tried to upgrade their seats. Another incident involved scorpions inside the plane and some passengers were denied of their flights because they were wearing leggings.