In August 2016, Uber engineer Joseph Thomas was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was discovered lifeless by his widow Zecole. Now she says her husband Committed Suicide because of Uber’s aggressive work culture.

Thomas was an African-American computer engineer who only started working at Uber in April of last year. He killed himself in less than five months working for that company. Zecole claims that the work culture in Uber was very different compared to her husband’s previous job, which was at LinkedIn. She says her husband wouldn’t allow her and their kids to visit him at Uber during his lunch breaks, saying that it wasn’t that kind of environment.

Uber’s work culture

Richard Richardson, the family’s lawyer, says that people may know where Thomas’ stress came from just by reading his text messages and emails. Richardson claims that his job was the cause of Thomas’ low self-esteem. In February, Susan Fowler, a former engineer at Uber, posted a blog that describes the company as a toxic and sexist workplace.

Also, a video of Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick scolding at a driver leaked on social media. There are also reports of the company’s dubious practices done to mislead regulators, drivers, and its rivals.

Uber’s workman’s compensation

One of the reasons why Zecole is suing Uber is to allow her family to gain access to the company’s $720,000 workman’s compensation.

That amount was supposed to be granted to her family had Thomas worked in Uber for six months. Zecole hopes that the courts grant an exception to that rule.

Richardson’s firm is asking Uber to turn over certain documents that would help them establish the exceptional circumstances needed for the compensation to be granted.

Thomas’ supposed bright future

After working for LinedkIn, Thomas turned down a job at Apple and instead used to work for Uber. He was given a $170,000-a-year salary that allowed him to acquire the house he wanted for his wife and two young boys, 9-year-old Joseph and 7-year-old Ezekiel.

Zecole was almost finished with her master’s degree in computer science before the tragedy happened.

She is now too heartbroken to continue with her goal and has moved east with her children. She will now focus on raising her two boys without her husband, who she had been with since 17 years old.

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