Russia and Europe are passing through tough times. After the London West Minister attack by a local British Muslim that left 4 Dead and 11 injured, a lone terrorist professing the Islamic faith planted a bomb on the St. Petersburg Metro. trump has been informed of this Terrorist Attack He has condemned it is no uncertain words. RexTillerson and the US permanent representative to the UN have also expressed their condolences for the terrorist act. Al Jazeera has reported this.

Countering radical Islamic terrorism

This attack brings to the world the urgent need to combat radical Islamic terrorism.

Out of the Western leaders, only Donald Trump has had the courage to use this term. The British prime minister Theresa May has talked about everything accept Islamic terror. It appears that unless the leaders recognize the true nature of Islamic terrorism, there is no way that these acts of terrorism can be controlled

Unlike the USA which has a very small Muslim population, Russia has a significant Muslim minority. Many of them are indoctrinated and easy prey for terrorist attacks. They are motivated and becoming a suicide bomber is almost second nature to these radical Islamic elements. President Putin has ordered an investigation, and the culprit has been identified. Identifying a culprit after the act is however not the best way to tackle extremism.

It is like identifying the source of terror after the horse has bolted. It is now known that the suicide bomber was from Kyrgyzstan. He was a diehard and motivated radical Islamic follower aged about 22/23.

Donald Asserts

During his election campaign, Donald had declared the ISIS as enemy number 1.

He has already changed the policy on Syria and Egypt. He has welcomed General Sisi, something Obama would not have done. He has also made it clear that the main enemy is the ISIS and Assad is of no importance. He has also spoken to the Russian president on this act

Slowly the business tycoon is asserting himself. In case he can get out of the Russian imbroglio created by his opponents, one may see a fresh initiative from him to combat world terrorism.