Nickey Haley, the US permanent representative to the UN, has said that removing Assad is no longer the main aim of US policy. Similarly, Tillerson the secretary of state has said that the Syrian people will decide the fate of Assad. This is similar to what the Russians have been saying all along. This reset in US policy over Syria is due to Donald Trump who had during his election campaign clearly stated that the ISIS was the main enemy. President Obama had during his stint in the Oval Office made the removal of Assad a primary aim of US policy.

There is thus a significant change in US policy on Syria. This shift is not to the liking of two severe critics of Donald Trump namely John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Both these senators are the hawks in the Republican party. They have opposed the shift in US policy and have said that this will give a fillip to the ISIS and Russia to foment more problems for the USA.

McCain opposes

McCain was the US presidential candidate of the GOP in the 2008 election. He lost to Barack Obama. All along he was known as a hawk, and there are reports that once he mouthed words along with a song of the sixties about bombing Iran. Presently he is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Both these senators feel they are the last word on security and from the beginning of the election campaign have opposed Trump.

This shift in US policy has given another chance to them to show their distaste for the policies of Donald. Unfortunately, they are not in any position of authority, and all they can do is to rail against the president.

Shift in Syria policy

The change in US policy on Syria has begun to show that Donald is finally getting a grip on what he believes in.

He has been hesitant so far as accusations that Russia interfered in the election and helped him are rife. Though no evidence is available, yet the press and the media are playing up the news for all its worth. A Congressional intelligence committee is inquiring in the Russian connection of the Trump administration.