Former US President Barak Obama has responded swiftly to President Trump’s allegation that his administration wiretapped him; his spokesman described the unverified claim as “simply false”.

Claims rebuffed

According to Kevin Lewis, the spokesman for Obama, “the administration of the former president had a cardinal rule that no White House official ever interfered with any independent investigation by the Department of Justice. As regard to that practice, there was no time President Obama or any official from the White House gave order for surveillance on any US citizen.

Any suggestion contrary to this is simply false and misleading”.

Trump's allegations

Trump said on his Twitter account that it was terrible to have discovered that Obama had his ‘wires tapped’ in his Trump Tower just before he won the election. He failed to back his claims with evidence. The President had compared the claimed wiretapping of his phones to Watergate and went ahead to describe Obama as “bad”. He described Obama as being low and bad.

Denial by former officials

According to CNN, a former senior US official with a direct link to the investigation by the Department of Justice that served under the Obama administration was asked about Trump’s tweet, denied any investigation of Trump or that his phones were wiretapped.

He said that the allegation did not take place and that it was a wrong and false assertion.

Trump did not provide proof for his alleged phones tapping allegation, which is yet to be verified. The White House was reluctant to return requests for comment. A spokesman for Obama did not comment in regard to Trump’s allegations.

The tweets are some of the series of controversial claims by the President in the scandal rocking his administration over allegations that his associates made contact with Russians. Trump had accused Obama and his supporters for organized demonstrations that have spread nationwide after the election and also alleged that Trump’s messaging was hindered in an interview with Fox & Friends, without providing evidence.