Child abuse and neglect are already sickening acts. What’s worse is when both situations involve trafficking the children. A tennessee couple attempted to offer their infant for sale on Craigslist for $3,000. Deanna Lynn Greer, 37, and John David Cain, 26, were arrested in the wake of trading their newborn child with covert operators. They are set to be charged with several counts of child abuse and neglect, including two aggravated counts of child neglect, abuse and endangerment.

Police save a child

An anonymous couple informed police of the ad placed horrendously on Craigslist.

Due to the nature and content of the post, local law enforcement felt the need to obtain further assistance from the FBI and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to save the child.

Federal officials contacted Cain and Greer. They told undercover cops that the price for the child was set at $3,000. A meeting was then orchestrated and conducted at a local auto shop. The FBI and the two suspects proceeded with the transaction. After officials participated in the exchange, the infant was taken into protective guardianship.

Law enforcement states that the child is doing well and is currently in the custody of foster parents.

‘Hayley’s Law’

John Cain and Deanna Greer will be convicted of their charges under the state of Tennessee’s ‘Hayley’s Law.' Their sentencing will be based on the law’s statutes of child abuse being a Class A felony.

The federal legislation has been effective since 2010. It became a statute after a young girl by the name of Hayley was found severely abused all over her body at the hands of her stepmother and father.

The two suspects who committed this heinous crime will be held responsible for their actions. When convicted, they will be sentenced to prison time suitable to justify their actions.

As for the child, it is still too small to comprehend the level of damage its parents have done to themselves. Either way, the child is at least safe.

Cain and Greer are currently being held in prison on $150,000 bond.