There’s a tale of fatal attraction surrounding the actions of two star-crossed lovers found living in the state of Georgia. Federal investigators arrested a young female and her partner Sunday. They believe the two teens are connected to a beating death that happened to the grandparents of the Teen Girl inside their home.

Last week, police discovered Wendy and Randall Bjorge deceased in their Atlanta, Georgia residence after relatives from outside the area contacted law enforcement to check on the welfare on the couple. The Bjorge's were both 63-years-old.

What led to the suspicions

Georgia law enforcement reported that they attempted to contact the female suspect’s grandparents for at least a week and were unsuccessful two times.

Upon entering the Bjorges’ house on Saturday, police say they found the physical remains of the couple. One of the individuals was discovered in a bedroom upstairs while the other one was found deceased in the hallway.

David Smith, an officer with the Gwinnett County Police Department, said, "Their family members hadn’t heard from all of them in about a week. Therefore, they called us to get in touch with them. We’ve attempted to make contact at the residence before twice. This time, we took upon ourselves to go ahead and enter the house.”

Authorities said there were no indications of anyone forcing themselves in the Bjorge’s residence.

Latest on the suspects

The granddaughter’s name is Cassandra Bjorge. The 17-year-old, and her 19-year-old boyfriend, John Ryder, apparently locked themselves inside an unknown residence at an apartment building in Lawrenceville last Sunday.

According to news sources, Ryder is said to have allegedly attacked a few of his family members with a blunt object at his mom’s home that same day and only a few feet away from where the murder happened.

Investigators stated Ryder’s assault on his relatives is what caused law enforcement to begin looking for the two teenagers. They located the couple after finding a car registered in the Bjorges’ name at the home of Ryder’s mom.

A SWAT team was informed to investigate the property. The teens were apprehended by them apparently after both tried to attempt suicide.

There are no reports of the two suspects mentioning what their motives were or what caused them to kill Cassandra's guardians allegedly.

Emergency response teams transferred the couple to a local healthcare facility where they treated them for injuries that appeared to be self-inflicted.