On April 9, a Georgia teenager and her boyfriend were taken into police custody for allegedly beating her grandparents to death in their lawrenceville home. It has now been reported that the couple partied in the house while 63-year-old Randall and Wendy Bjorge lay dead and decomposing in their Lawrenceville home. It also turned out they had already been dead for a week before their bodies were officially discovered.

Grandparents found dead in their bedroom

According to a statement by Gwinnett Police, their officers had been to the Bjorge home during that week to make a welfare check but were unable to contact the couple, even though their car was reportedly parked on the property.

Concerned about the Bjorges’ welfare, officers visited the home again, this time finding the couple dead in their bedroom.

Georgia teens attempt suicide

Relatives of Cassandra helped the police track down the Georgia teenagers at their friend’s apartment, and when the pair refused to leave home, a SWAT team was called to take them into custody. Both teenagers had reportedly attempted suicide by cutting their wrists and were taken for medical treatment at the Gwinnett Medical Center. They were then taken into custody. However, at that stage, no charges were levied against the teens.

On Saturday night that all changed after a violent domestic incident was reported at Rider’s family home in Lawrenceville.

Rider and Cassandra had reportedly attacked his sister and her boyfriend, spraying pepper spray into their eyes, before hitting both the teens on the head with a baseball bat. When police arrived at the scene, they found blood on a door frame and wall, and the odor of pepper spray still lingered in the home.

Brutal attack by the Georgia teenagers

Following that incident, police are now reporting that the 17-year-old and her boyfriend had kicked her grandparents and beaten them with a tire iron. The teenagers then reportedly slashed the couple’s throats. The Georgia teens had later sealed the windows and doors of her grandparents’ home to contain the stench of their decomposing bodies in order to throw a party.

Cassandra was taken to the Gwinnett County Jail on Wednesday, where her boyfriend was already in residence after he was booked on Monday. He is facing one count of battery, one count of theft and three counts of aggravated battery. Rider reportedly had two murder charges added to the list on Wednesday.

Murder and aggravated assault charges for Georgia teens

Both Rider and Bjorge have now been charged with murder and aggravated assault for the death of her grandparents. On Wednesday this week, Cassandra appeared at a preliminary hearing into the murder and reportedly confessed to the stabbing of her grandparents.

Both Georgia teenagers are heading to court for preliminary hearings on April 21.

According to a report by the Gwinnett Daily Post, Gwinnett County police spokesman Deon Washington told them that detectives are still investigating a motive for the horrific crime, saying the case is “unique and disturbing” on many levels. Washington said they might never find a scenario that would make sense to any reasonable person.