Four people were killed and 15 others injured when a 39-year-old Uzbekistan citizen drove a hijacked beer truck into a crowd of pedestrians in the center of Stockholm in Sweden. Swedish authorities are now confident they have the person responsible for the violent attack in custody. Reportedly the Uzbek citizen arrested by police had been on the authorities' watch list before.

Police chief Dan Eliason said in a news conference Saturday that they were so far unaware if others were involved in the Terror Attack but that they cannot exclude that possibility in their investigations.

Eliason added that police uncovered an item inside the hijacked truck that they believe could be an incendiary object or bomb.

Stockholm mourns the victims of the attack

CBS News reports that Saturday saw flags at half-mast in the country in memory of the victims of the attack and Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has reportedly officially declared Monday to be a national day of mourning. Lofven reportedly toured the streets of Stockholm on Saturday, chatting with local residents and urging Swedish citizens to try and “get through this.”

According to prosecutor Hans Ihrman in Stockholm, they have yet to confirm whether the Uzbek was in Sweden legally, saying authorities have not yet been able to get the suspect to speak to open up to them.

Reportedly 10 of the victims of the terror attack are still in hospital for treatment of their wounds and four are seriously injured.

Ahlens department store sparks controversy

The stolen beer truck had reportedly smashed into pedestrians outside the Ahlens Department Store in the center of Stockholm, causing damage to that store.

According to a report by the New York Daily News, store management caused outrage on Saturday by making a post to their Facebook page to the effect that they will reopen the department store on Sunday and would be selling goods damaged during the terror attack at a reduced price.

Ahlens has since made another post to Facebook to apologize for what they say was a “bad decision.” The statement said the department store’s motivation was to stand up for transparency, while not allowing evil forces to take control of people’s lives in the country.

The post went on to say the store will now reopen on Monday and will not be selling any damaged goods.

Meanwhile, on Saturday night, police reportedly launched raids to bring other possible suspects in for questioning in what is considered to be the deadliest attack to happen in Stockholm for years.