CNN reportedly first uncovered the story after several sources in law enforcement told the news service of a Secret Service Agent who was caught when police saw him exiting a Maryland Hotel. He had reportedly been meeting with a prostitute in the hotel, while on Vice President Mike Pence’s security detail. The agent has now been suspended from his official duties. Fox News also confirmed that two law enforcement sources had told them about the suspected prostitution charges.

Reportedly the manager of the Maryland hotel became suspicious about activity in one of the guest rooms and called the police.

In what the source stated was not a sting, the agent was then arrested and charged with solicitation. The agent then reported his own arrest to officials at the agency. Various law enforcement sources also said the agent was not on duty at the time of the incident, which reportedly occurred last week, and was not presenting himself in his official capacity.

Incident confirmed by the Secret Service

CNN quotes a spokesperson for the Secret Service as saying on the record that “an alleged incident” did occur involving an off-duty Secret Service agent and adding that the incident is currently being investigated by the Office of Professional Responsibility. The spokesperson continued by saying the employee was told to surrender his official gear and weapon and has been placed on administrative leave, while his security clearance, along with access to the agency's facilities, was also suspended.

Reportedly the agency is currently exploring the various disciplinary actions necessary in the matter.

Problems for the Secret Service

This incident comes after several attempts were made to access the White House in recent weeks, including one incident where the suspect was on the grounds for between 15 and 17 minutes before being caught trying the door of the President’s mansion.There was also a bomb scare and a suspicious package was seized.

Another Secret Service agent was also in the spotlight after a backpack was stolen from her car outside her Brooklyn home, containing an agency laptop with possibly sensitive data on board and other agency-involved items.