The United States Postal Service has a new service called "Informed Delivery." That is a way for people to know what Mail they are getting before it is delivered. For instance, if you are expecting a check or another piece of important mail, you can find out if it will arrive before you get home from work or when you return from a trip. As of now, letters are the only mail that households will be notified about. The service does not include magazines or packages, but they might be added in the future. The service is not available for post office boxes.

Post Service goes digital

Starting on Friday, April 14, the digital service will be available nationwide. The service is free, but you do have to sign up for it either at your local post office or online. Then each morning after that, the United States Postal Service will send you an e-mail letting you know what will be put in your mailbox later during the day.

The Postal Service scans each piece of mail that comes into the department, so it is just a matter of sending you what the clerk has scanned. You won't be able to see the contents of the letters, but you will know who they are from.

Why is Informed Delivery necessary?

People are wondering why Informed Delivery is necessary. The Postal Service believes early notification will cut down on mail theft.

For instance, if you get a notification that you will receive a certain piece of mail and if it doesn't arrive, you can investigate.

A Postal Service official related that the test service was popular with people who have roommates. Each person was able to know exactly what was expected. They knew when their income tax refund check was coming before it reached their mailbox.

Then if it wasn't in the mailbox later, they knew something was wrong.

Another necessity for Informed Delivery is so the post office can keep up to date with the digital world. The post office intends to jump on the digital bandwagon and keep its service relevant. Those in the test area indicated that the free service is convenient for those who are out of town and are wondering what mail in coming in even if they have their mail on hold for the time they are away.

They no longer have to wonder what mail will be waiting for them when they get home.

A disadvantage

One disadvantage to this service is that if you are at work and you see that you will be faced with an overdue bill or another piece of unwanted mail, it might ruin your day. If you don't have the service, you won't find out about this until you get home after your workday is over.