It's no secret that Donald Trump is not that popular when it comes to women. Despite his best efforts to use his daughter Ivanka Trump to improve his standing, it didn't go over well during a recent panel discussion in Berlin, Germany.

Ivanka backlash

The 2016 presidential election raised a lot of questions, with one being how Donald Trump actually won in the first place. While the former host of "The Apprentice" was able to win over support with white men in his race against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, he fell behind with most minority groups, including the female vote.

Since the election, Trump has given his daughter, Ivanka Trump, a highlighted role in the administration. Ivanka has been known to be one of her father's most calming influences and seen as someone who can pull him away from the more extreme elements in the White House, most notably being former Breitbart News CEO and current Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. As reported by The Hill on April 25, Ivanka made her first trip as adviser to the president during the W20 women's panel in Germany, but didn't receive the best response after praising her father as a champion on women's rights.

Ivanka Trump arrived in Germany this week and took park in a panel on women's rights during the W20 event.

At one point, she turned her attention to Donald Trump, describing him as a "tremendous champion of supporting families" whose administration will be "incremental positive change." Reaction was negative from those in attention, as reports note that many in the crowd started to boo and actually "hiss" at the First Daughter over her comments.

When pressed on Trump's policies that have been labeled as a negative for women, Ivanka was quick to be dismissive, noting that she has "personal experience" for why the media reports are inaccurate.

Trump praise

Prior to her appearance, Donald Trump gave his daughter praise on social media. "Proud of @IvankaTrump for her leadership on these important issues.

Looking forward to hearing her speak at the W20!" he tweeted.

Twitter reacts

While Ivanka Trump received boos from those in attendance, social media was just as harsh in their reaction. "They booed the woman that the pu**ygrabber-in-chief would 'date' if she didn't, well, happen to be his daughter?? SHOCKER!" one tweet read. "During her speech, will she discuss how her husband met with Russian officials during the campaign but didn't disclose it to our government?" podcast host David Nuzza Nussbaum wrote on Twitter.

"Just watched this this morning!

The apple doesn't fall far from the orange," another Twitter user wrote. "Nepotism as it's worst. She is not qualified to discuss world affairs, her only qualification is daughter. Sad," another tweet went on to read.