Google, the worldwide known multinational tech company, has been under fire in the last few day as it was accused of extreme gender pay discrimination. The government investigators and U.S. Department of Labor official have concluded that Google lowers the annual earnings for women, paying them less than men for doing a similar, or the same job.

Gender gap exists

Last week, on Friday, there was a court hearing taking place in San Francisco, where the company was accused of systemic "compensation disparities against women." However, Google representatives disagreed with the allegations, stating they Google undergoes comprehensive analysis of the payment system in the company annually, claiming that the gender pay gap in actually non-existent.

The truth is, the majority of the tech companies, of which one is Google, have been trying to achieve a better balance when it comes to payments and the number of male and female workers. As only 19 percent of Google's jobs are held by women, and the rest is done by white and Asian men, one can conclude that those attempts at a better balance prove unsuccessful, at least when Google is the company in question.

Promoting feminism but underpaying women

The majority of the Google users in the U.S. have expressed their disapproval of the company's policies, especially since Google has been promoting feminist-oriented emojis and other notions to contribute to gender equality. Nevertheless, only one-third of the company's employees are women.

The Labor Department is seeking a prohibition on Google conducting business with federal governments unless the company decides to review its employee compensation records. The company has done so, forwarding few of the requested records to the Labor Department. However, some of the Google's compensation practices remain a secret, while the company, on the other hand, discloses embarrassing sexual and racial disbalance in their workforce.

Google will definitely have to deal with the rule of submitting information on employee wages by gender for the government's monitoring.

The tech companies are being referred to as the 'boy's club,' as tech companies are not eager to hire, and especially retain, female technical employees. Therefore, they are under fire for their discriminating policies when it comes to women employment and payment.

Most of these companies have been accused of paying their white workers more than the workers of color, and women, for the same or comparable positions. Jobs that showcase the highest Gender Pay Gap in the tech companies include everything from computer programming, engineering, to being a mobile developer or product manager.