While it’s already high fashion to wear Jeans with strategically placed tears and rips, now Nordstrom is trying to sell the idea of blue jeans covered in artificial mud. At a price of $425 plus tax, their product is not going down well in the online community. Their sales promotions tell the world that these are the jeans for those who are not afraid to “get down and dirty.”

‘Heavily distressed’ jeans caked in mud courtesy Nordstrom

Nordstrom's promotional information speaks of the straight leg jeans as being made from 100 percent cotton and made by Prps in Portugal under the brand Barracuda.

Their website describes the new apparel as being “heavily distressed” jeans, set to represent rugged work wear that has already seen some “hard-working action.” Their claim to fame is that the

Their claim to fame is that the Nordstrom clothing appears to have been smeared with mud, which they described as a “crackled, caked-on muddy coating.” As noted by the Denver Post the faux-mud appears to be mostly concentrated in the crotch, knees and pockets area of the jeans.

That report mentioned Mike Rowe, former host of the TV show “Dirty Jobs,” who took to Facebook to show his anger and dismay over the new product.

He said the mud-caked jeans are further proof of the “war on work” that is continuing to rage in all areas of polite society. He said these are a pair of jeans that appear to have been worn by someone doing a dirty job, but with that hefty price tag, are intended for people who don’t.

People who buy the mud-caked jeans have an ‘illusion of sanity’

The Seattle Times quotes Rowe as saying the whole idea of “fake mud” is to give an “illusion of work,” or, perhaps, for those people who actually buy them, the “illusion of sanity.” He added later in his Facebook post that the jeans aren’t even pants or fashion, just a costume for those wealthy folk who see work as ironic.

Naturally, the Twittersphere and all other areas of social media erupted, with people showing disgust for the new mud-caked jeans, or simply poking ironic fun, as people tend to do.

According to a tweet by ABC News, Reebok – on seeing Nordstrom's new ad – started trolling them with an ad for a sweatshirt, soaked in real sweat.

‘Futuristic’ clear plastic clothing by Nordstrom

This isn’t the first time this year that Nordstrom has been in the news for unusual clothing. Earlier in the year, they came up with a pair of jeans sporting square-cut holes at the knee and covered in clear plastic panels. Those jeans were intended to bare the wearer’s knees for a “futuristic feel.” The cropped, "clear knee mom jeans" were cheaper than the mud-caked variety and had a price tag of a mere $95.