When playing the slots, beware. Make sure you are the only person to push that button – or pull that arm – as you might just lose out on that fabulous jackpot. This is a lesson learned by gambler Jan Flato, 66, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Fort Lauderdale back in January this year. It turns out he still hasn’t gotten over it.

Friend pushes button on the slot machine for ‘luck’

According to The New York Post, Flato played $50 on a video poker Slot Machine with the hope of winning the jackpot of $100,000. He would have, too, if not for his friend, Marina Navarro, 35.

Navarro reportedly pushed the button for “luck” and suddenly the machine lit up like a Christmas tree. The Florida man was naturally thrilled to see on the pay line of the slot machine that he had just won $100,000, but things were not as they seemed.

As reported by Fox News, managers at the casino then analyzed the video of the win, only to find that Navarro was the one who pushed the winning button and, according to the casino rules, that made her the winner, not Flato, the poor guy who fed the machine in question. Reportedly all Gary Bitner would say on behalf of the casino was that when it comes to gambling, it’s the person who pulls the arm – or pushes that button – on the slot machine, that is entitled to the jackpot.

Gambler loses money and a friend

In the process Flato has not only lost the cash he fed into that slot machine (and the jackpot), he’s also lost a good friend.

He says apart from a couple text messages he hasn’t heard from her since she walked out of the casino with the jackpot in hand. In fact, Navarro reportedly asked armed security to watch Flato as she left with her winnings.

According to Flato, he asked her what she was doing and she just stood up and walked out of the casino.

He added that some weeks later Navarro sent him a text message asking him if he still hates her. He says he responded, asking how she could do that to him and she came back with the words, “I miss you.”

As for Navarro, she says her gambling pal got angry when he found out she was getting the jackpot, not him. She said he suddenly “went ballistic” and began screaming at her in front of everyone in the room.

Reportedly another text message from Flato to Navarro was not in the least bit friendly, when he told her that having him as an enemy is not a “good thing.” As reported by 7News Miami, he then followed this up by texting that they would both see who made a big mistake, and it wouldn’t be him.

She went on to add that she offered Flato a portion of her winnings, but after receiving those texts she took back the offer.

As for Flato, he is still angry about the incident, but is passing on a message of wisdom to any other slot players out there. He says, whatever you do, don’t let anyone else touch that button. Don’t even ask someone to touch something for luck in the casino because you could be the one to lose out.