The Fbi obtained a mysterious Court Order last year to monitor the communications of the adviser to then-presidential nominee Donald Trump. It was part of research into possible links between the 2016 presidential campaign and Russia. The Department of Justice and the FBI obtained a FISA warrant targeting communications between international policy adviser Carter Page and the Intelligence Surveillance Court. They said that there was probable cause to believe that he worked as an undercover agent for the Russian government. Page stated he did nothing wrong while interacting with Russia during the 2016 Presidential Election.

The FISA Court and its warrant explained

The FISA warrant is the best evidence so far that FBI had reason to believe Trump's adviser was in communication with Soviet officials during his campaign. This discovery is the impeccable significance of power that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has within the United States. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act founded the FISA Court in 1978. The court was formed to oversee surveillance requests on foreign secret agents allowed entry into the U.S. by federal intelligence agencies and law enforcement. The FBI is one of the FISA court’s first communications. Congress made the FISA Act and its court after they received a recommendation from the Senate’s Church Committee.

Its powers have strengthened now to the point where it’s being viewed parallel to the Supreme Court in this case.

This warrant enforced before a court justice entitles third parties to submit briefings during court hearings as well.

Carter Page on FBI watch

Congressional committees will be conducting investigations with the FBI.

They'll be examining whether Russia attempted to influence the election with Trump in favor. Russian officials allegedly hacked the e-mails of several U.S. operatives, exposing disturbing facts and vital information.

In a report to the media, Page explained that the court order is evidence that the Obama administration aimed to suppress anyone opposed to its foreign policy plan.

The Justice Department has yet to comment on the evidence. The White House and the FBI also declined to comment.

Both President Trump and the Soviet Union dismiss all allegations against Paige. Neither party accuses the adviser of any criminal offenses. However, it is unclear whether or not the Justice Department will press charges against him later on.