Why do so many of Trump’s cabinet members or much of his inner circle associates have ties to Russia? And despite concerns over the new Secretary of Commerce’s former role as a leading investor in the Bank of Cyprus and his business association with Russian oligarchs with ties to Putin, Wilbur Ross was confirmed by the Senate in a 72-27 vote.

To make matters worse, the White House is apparently refusing to release answers given by Ross regarding his relationship with Russian investors, especially when it widely known that Ross has illicit ties to Russian finance.

America is sadly looking like an extended arm of Russia

The 79-year-old billionaire once served as Vice Chair at Bank of Cyprus, which is the largest bank in the Cyprus and is a known offshore haven for illicit Russian finance. His involvement with the bank raises many questions, including the Trump administration’s curious connections with friends or associates of Vladimir Putin.

Ross and Trump have known each other since the 1990’s, during a time when Ross kept Trump from being tossed out as a Taj Mahal casino investor. Since the 1990’s, the Bank of Cyprus was one of the top three offshore havens for Russians motivated by money laundering and tax dodging.

Is Wilbur Ross the next cabinet member to make headlines?

Do Americans no longer reserve the right to know of possible conflicts of interests which could influence decisions made by the White House? If there is nothing to hide then why hide things like tax returns or answers regarding ties to Russia?

The word ‘coincidence’ does exist in the dictionary and coincidences do happen.

However, when there are so many coincidences it starts to become something more. With Paul Manafort, Carter Page and Mike Flynn gone and Jeff Session’s political status in question, could the next shoe to drop come off the foot of Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross? Russia may be trying to destroy U.S. democracy, but their ties or possible ties are getting cut off one by one. Follow the money.