The manhunt is officially over for the searching of a man who killed an elderly man in Cleveland, Ohio on a gruesome Facebook live video. Steve Stephens appeared to have problems with a girl named Joy Lane and took his anger out on an innocent man. Although Steve had stated in another video that he had killed 15 people in one day, evidence later showed just one killing in the Cleveland area. But more investigations are being done to really see if this man is the reasoning for any more murders. There has been deaths around the Cleveland area which have caused speculation as Stephens made a strong claim about the number of people he had killed.

But like previously stated, only one case has been confirmed as a death at the hands of Stephens.

Dead in Pennsylvania

37-year old Steve Stephens has been found dead in his car in Erie County, Pennsylvania roughly 4 hours away from the place he once lived in Cleveland, Ohio. He was found with self-inflicted wounds which were sustained after a minor getaway from the police. According to the PA State Police, it is official. They made a statement on their Twitter about the situation.

This might not have been the most wanted result; many people wanted to see the man alive to have him handled in prison and to be interrogated for information about why he did what he did.

There was a bounty award of over $40,000 for anyone that can find the man that nicknamed himself "Stevie Steve." But at the end of the day, we can all be at peace with the death of a man who murdered an innocent man known as Mr. Robert Goodwin senior. A man who had a lot of people in his life that idolized him, with nine children and 14 grandchildren.

Cleveland can be at peace once again

This murder took a huge toll on the city of Cleveland and the state of Ohio. Many schools were on lockdown over the last few days due to news of the killer being on the run with intent to kill more innocent people. Not only did this affect Ohio, but it also affected neighboring states as people were told to keep their doors locked and children were not advised to attend school.

It's crazy how much of an affect one murder can have on so many people and so many cities. It could be due to the sheer manner of how the murder took place; the fact that it was in a Facebook live video had the world in awe. A man that doesn't care whether or not his face is seen in the video may not care about ending more innocent lives, and that's what had the city on lockdown.