The Easter Bunny enjoyed a visit to South Jersey this weekend, but not in the boring, traditional way. This bunny arrived with the help of a plane and a parachute. The Skydiving Easter Bunny has reportedly been a tradition for many years at the Cross Keys Airport, located in Williamstown, New Jersey, and this year was no different. Naturally, the event is accompanied by the ever-popular Easter egg hunt

Skydiving Easter Bunny gives cheer (and eggs) to the kids

According to a report by Fox 29, the event is held each year on the Friday before Easter, with hundreds of children heading out to the Skydive Cross Keys landing area to see the bunny jump.

To loud cheers and applause, the Easter Bunny jumps out of a plane and parachutes to the ground. This happens shortly prior to the bunny launching a major easter egg hunt. As for the happy and excited kids, they then had a choice of some 12,000 eggs, hidden in strategic locations in and around the landing area.

Most residents in the area cannot remember when the tradition started, but everyone enjoys the event each year. When it comes to the Easter egg hunt itself, it is reportedly split into three different areas, for three varied age groups, which allows the smallest kids to take their time and have fun searching, while their older counterparts enjoy running around in the field.

Selfies with the Easter Bunny

Once the eggs have all been collected, the kids get to pose for photos with their families and the Easter Bunny himself. Not a bad way to end the day at all. Watch the excitement in the video included below.

Texas Easter Bunny goes skydiving too, along with a helicopter egg drop

It turns out New Jersey is not the only location for the skydiving Easter Bunny, however, as something similar happened in the Calallen neighborhood of Corpus Christi recently.

The bunny was seen floating through the air with his ears happily flapping in the breeze. According to a report by, it turned out the popular bunny was practicing for the big event to be held this Easter Sunday at the Church of Hope. This skydiving event is also part of a popular helicopter egg drop and various other activities for the children in the area.

The church outdid the New Jersey event, however, as they reportedly have 50,000 Easter eggs ready for the hunt, along with giant inflatables for the children to enjoy and the chance to meet the Easter Bunny in person.

Pastor Rod Young of the Church of Hope said the excitement is palpable among the congregation as there are reportedly many prizes, including golden eggs. He says he loves to watch the children’s excitement and anticipation and reportedly all the festivities are open and free to the public.