At the White House briefing on Tuesday, Sean Spicer, the White House Spokesman, made a reference that angered a number of Democratic officials, which is why they want him to be fired. In an attempt to criticize the recent use of chemical weapons in Syria, and Russia’s support of it, Spicer said ”You had someone who was as despicable as Hitler who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.” The statement was, of course, incorrect – the Nazis might not have used gas in the battlefields during World War II, but they did use gas chambers as a means of slaughtering Jews, disabled people, and many others.

Congress speaks out

Various Democratic Congress members have since expressed their belief that Sean Spicer needs to be fired. Donald Payne Jr, the Democratic representative from New Jersey, said the spokesman’s references were “disgusting”, and that he was diminishing the terror of Holocaust with those references. In Payne’s opinion, Spicer should not be the spokesman for the White House any longer, and he should either be let go, or hand in his resignation.

David Cicilline (RI), shares this opinion. He thinks that President Trump needs to react, and fire Spicer immediately. Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader of the House of Representatives, stated that Trump should repudiate the statements made by the White House spokesman, because his remarks are a direct reflection on the President himself.

Pelosi agrees that Spicer needs to be let go, because his diminishing of the Holocaust is a disgrace to all the Jewish families across the United States.

Spicer’s apology not enough

The White House spokesman compared the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad to Hitler, in an attempt to criticize Russia for supporting Assad. Spicer admitted that he made a mistake, and said that he was just trying to emphasize how atrocious the Syrian leader’s attack on his own people really was.

He has since apologized for the Hitler remark, but his apology does not seem to be enough, as his resignation is still expected.

The head of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, Steven Goldstein, said that the spokesman was too late with his apology. Goldstein stated that the Center cannot accept the apology because Spicer tried to apologize several times, but just barely got the apology right on his third attempt. He is also of the opinion that Sean Spicer should no longer be the White House press secretary, and that Trump should let him go.