The United States witnessed a series of dramatic crimes this week. However, nothing seems to be more jaw-dropping on the East Coast than the dilemma that escalated in Delaware on Wednesday. State law enforcement fatally shot the suspect responsible for the deadly assault that occurred on a state trooper in the region. Different police organizations encompassed an evacuated area in the city of Middletown where the man locked himself inside his living quarters in the development of Brick Mill Farm. Police confirmed the suspect's name as Burgon Sealy.

The 26-year-old fled the scene of the shooting at a Local corner store in Bear, Delaware.

Sealy shot trooper at the Wawa

Early Wednesday morning, Officer Stephen Ballard watched what police said was a Dodge Charger they found suspicious after it sat in a Wawa parking garage for a very long time. The trooper, who was in full uniform, approached the car and asked the people inside it to present proper identification.

Ballard then walked over to the passenger’s side and requested that Sealy remove himself from the vehicle. Delaware police reported that a fight broke out between the two and that’s when Sealy took out his gun and fired shots at Ballard as he tried to hide behind another vehicle parked in the parking lot.

When the officer fell, Sealy proceeded to shoot a few rounds into him. Emergency response teams treated Ballard at the scene of the Crime then took him to a local hospital. He passed away from his wounds shortly after. He was only 32-years-old.

During a news conference yesterday evening, authorities stated that Sealy reached out to his family to tell them that he shot a state trooper.

The relatives he spoke with then proceeded to contact local police, who followed Sealy to his home.

The suspect's demise

Before the scene even escalated, police figured out how to break open his windows with explosive devices but didn’t go into the man’s house immediately. They said that they wanted to connect with Sealy so he could surrender himself voluntarily.

In a report filed by the state authorities, the suspect shot at them early on at approximately 4:00 a.m. local time. No one at the time suffered any deadly wounds. The Odessa Fire Company evacuated all inhabitants located within the region and briefly housed them in their facility as the series of events unfolded.

Sealy left his home shortly after 9:00 a.m. EST and attempted to attack police. That’s when law enforcement proceeded to shoot him. Sealy died on the scene a few minutes later.