Waitress Cayla Chanadra, 21, was working hard last week, doing double-duty at two Waikiki restaurants. While waiting on an Australian couple at the popular Noi Thai Cuisine restaurant, she reportedly got on well with the couple – who she judged were in their 40s – and spent some time talking to them. The couple was interested to hear where Chandra was from and she explained that she is a Santa Rosa, California native who moved to Hawaii for school but had got into debt.

As reported by the Press Democrat, Chandara graduated from Santa Rosa High in 2013 and wants to carry on her education at the University of Hawaii, but already owes $10,000 in student fees.

Chandara explained that because of that, she couldn’t afford to return to school and has to work at two jobs. She also told them how high the cost of living is in Hawaii.

Californian waitress’ tip was twice the size of the bill

According to KHON2, the couple enjoyed their meal, racking up a $200 bill which they paid and then left the restaurant. However, Chandara was shocked when she found the couple had given her a tip which was double the bill. Amazed at receiving $400 from the Australian couple, she said she thought they were very generous and said she never normally gets such a big tip. Adding that she had to thank the couple – who had told her where they were staying during their meal – Chandara ran right over to their hotel after work to thank them with a card and some flowers.

More than just a tip from the generous diners

What happened next totally astonished the waitress, as the couple returned to the Waikiki restaurant the next day, offering to pay off her student loans and debt which reportedly total more than $10,000.

At first, Chandara told them, no, they didn’t have to do that for her, explaining that she only wanted to thank them for the big tip. However, the couple – who prefer to remain anonymous – reportedly insisted, telling the waitress the best way she could thank them was by being her “best possible self.” On top of paying her current debt, the couple also said they would like to underwrite the cost of two more years of studying at UH Manoa.

Waitress is heading back to school

Chandara says she still doesn’t feel like the whole thing is real and that she is so excited, she just wants to run around in the streets. The Waikiki waitress now wants to make the couple proud and says she will accept this opportunity with an open heart. Reportedly Chandara is planning on studying liberal arts and business on her return to school in Hawaii.