Donald Trump is calling the shots but he is showing clear signs of being unable to guide the ship of state. The most conspicuous sign is his insistence on continuing with health care when he has already suffered an ignominious defeat of a bill that he did not even favor. His con artist past kicked in and he got behind a lemon and kept pushing. After that, he veered to two major bombings that pleased the neocons. That was just a pause in his somnambulant stroll toward legislative doom.

They don't even have a bill

Yesterday Trump told the House Ways and Means to postpone tax hearings and discuss healthcare.

The House is said to be incredulous, having just returned from a recess that was filled with angry denunciations of the previous health debacle. The House should have seen it coming.

Even in the midst of his brief and inconclusive flirtation with neocon dreams of winning democracy with bombs, Trump said more than once that the order of governance should begin with health care. From the Axios account appended to this paragraph, you can infer that there is no bill yet and that the House is once more being forced to play a leading role in a grim charade.

Why Elon prospers by being wrong

Imagine the consequences of a 60-meter rise in the oceans.

That is the risk noted in the following Axios rendition of ice-breaking news. Ohio is enough above sea level to survive but the coasts would drown. Given the reaction to recent mega storms, the consequences would be beyond reckoning. So this is alarmism, right? No, it's a possibility and it has enough truth in it to make it possible to say to the likes of Elon Musk that the problems on earth are severe enough to suggest a bit of attention to what could also drown hyperloop.

The prosperity of running a car company no matter how the product is fueled can Blind even the most intelligent to the depth of our environmental crisis. Elon prospers the way the one percent does, by not being adventurous enough to picture the world beyond oil and cars. That is the first step needed, that mental leap. It is fifty years overdue.

A cybercommunity footnote

The reason cybercommunities are important is that no understanding exists currently of how we might evolve toward a stage of life in which we can actually survive. We can no longer survive with a culture that is steeped in binary thinking, action, and expression. The time has come to reject the either-or past and live using our minds as we have always had the ability to do.