Wordier Than Thou is known in Saint Petersburg for its burlesque performances of banned books, the creator of the brand Tiffany Razzano hopes to get the same attention on the other side of Saint Pete. The brand wants to make banned books interesting to read with a burlesque performance at the Blind Tiger Café in Ybor City located on Seventh Avenue.

Paper and Lace

The burlesque performance starts at 8 p.m. and admission is $25 at the door. Some of the past burlesque performances Razzano has done include books like Harry Potter and Gone with the Wind.

The performances she plans to do now are kept secret until the performance starts.

”Burlesque dance with a nerdy twist,” said Razzano to Tampa Bay Times. Some of the advertisements for the performance says things like “a sexy journey through banned publications,” all done with a little leather and lace.

The performances draw a large crowd, which means it is successful every time. This is the fourth burlesque act that Razzano has performed in Ybor City. However, the success of her brand is well documented in Saint Pete and she hopes to draw the same crowd in Tampa.

Razzano is a native of Saint Pete and has worked on the craft for six years and has expanded to doing open-mic performances once a month and has established herself with a bookstore in the Pinellas Arts Village area.

Calling all bookworms

In the hopes of getting more people to come to her events in Tampa, she dopes that the performances draw the book readers out of the woodworks and hopes to see more people in attendance. She used to do open mic and bar crawls in the city, but it didn’t bring the pizzazz and interests that people like. Razzano is using the more unique productions, like burlesque performing or spoken word performances at Comic Con this July in Tampa.

Razzano also own a Fiction LIVE series that brings contributed stories from authors all over Florida to life through acting and burlesque performances. She also does a Story Brothel event in Saint Petersburg where she rents out local authors to their fans for the night.

Rent is done by the minute and depends on the amount of money you wish to spend when you hang with your favorite author.

Saint Pete author Erika Lance who wrote Into the Abyss earned $80 one night at the Story Brothel events. Tiffany Razzano hopes to add more concepts to the events she plans and hopes to get more people interested in her brand Wordier Than Thou.