There are speculations that North Korea is about to conduct a sixth nuclear test amid tension in the area. If Pyongyang would test-fire another ballistic missile, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned on Thursday that the communist nation is capable of delivering missiles with sarin Nerve Gas.

The chemical attack last week in Syria, in which a town was bombed by sarin nerve gas, triggered a shifting of global alliances. The U.S. accused Russia of having a hand in the chemical attack. The incident broke the friendship between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S.

President Donald Trump.

Shift in alliances

At the same time, it strengthened the cooperation among the U.S., South Korea, and Japan. Abe told the Japanese parliament of North Korea’s capability to deliver missiles with sarin as warheads, Reuters reported. In 1995, a Japanese cult attacked five rush-hour subway trains in Tokyo using sarin. The attack resulted in 12 deaths and injuries to thousands.

With the tension in the Korean peninsula as the Carl Vinson strike group approaches the region, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un threatened to launch a nuclear attack in the U.S. The strike group is made up of about 7,500 sailors and almost 100 jets.

Japan teamed up with the U.S. to show force against Pyongyang by dispatching several destroyers from the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force.

The New York Post reported that the U.S. would allow the Japanese navy to hold helicopter landings on American warships and conduct communication drills.

China warns Pyongyang not to mess with U.S.

After Trump asked Chinese President Xi Jinping’s help in dealing with North Korea, China warned Pyongyang on Wednesday not to hold nuclear tests or fire nuclear weapons.

If the communist nation would not heed the warning of its former ally, Xi warned Kim Jong-un that North Korea would likely face military action from the U.S., similar to what Washington did to Syria.

But Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters in Beijing the issue with North Korea could not be resolved with military force.

He said that amid the tensions, nations would find some opportunity to return to talks.

On Thursday, North Korea diverted 200 foreign journalists in the capital city from attending the country’s national day, the “Day of the Sun.” The media were told they would instead go to a big and important event on April 14. The change led to some speculations about North Korea launching its sixth missile, but it turned out that Kim Jong-un attended the opening of a new street in Pyongyang.