President Trump will fail in his current efforts to get his own health care bill for ten specific reasons.

1. He wants his own bill, and he has boasted that he can repeal and replace Obamacare. But he knows this is impossible. He is caught in a binary warp, and he is unable to find a third way,

2 Trump's health proposal is a work in progress clearly designed to pass, but so far it has little to do with solving the urgent health needs of millions now threatened by his ongoing efforts.

Change is slow

3. Trump's timing is completely off. The effort required to pass Obamacare involved an intense popular campaign following decades of work.

The battle was fought on social media, and it dwarfed anything Trump has been able to do. It would take the president years to build popular support for an alternative. His improvised program is unpopular across the spectrum of American opinion. Most health institutions oppose it.

4. Trumpcare does not expand opportunity for better health; it shrinks it. This may be one of the strongest reasons it will fail. The Trump measure is not generous or even kind. It is an inconsiderate rejection of millions from even the chance of remaining or becoming insured.

Trump's disregard for our health

5. Trump has ordered a budget that would ultimately paralyze all aspects of government that have remotely to do with our health and well-being.

This is in order to give a $50 billion kiss to the military which he now seems to regard as his personal fighting force.

6. One particular intent of the president stands by itself as a terrible example of why he is not to be trusted to produce a plan that will be even remotely healthy for Americans.

He is cutting funds from the very agencies responsible for stopping the spread of airborne diseases, AKA potential plagues,

Insurmountable political barriers

7. Trump has already telegraphed an intention to "bribe" the Democrats into favoring the bill, but he really means force. This is a typical Trump tactic. If you do not vote for my bill, I will hurt people now, and you will be blamed.

This is callous in the extreme.

8. It was hard to get support for Obamacare and seeking to use its most essential features to bribe Democrat's into favoring a defective and health-shrinking piece of legislation is an insult. The GOP will be opposed.

Nuclear option 2?

9. The House could well see the writing on the wall a second time and never get to a vote, dealing Trump a second health care strikeout. Compromise is not a word the GOP understands.

10. The most insurmountable block will be the Senate if the bill even gets there because to pass it McConnell would have to use the nuclear option. There s no way 60 Senators will approve any version of Trumpcare.