Call it a Twitter post, or a blog, or a Twitter-de-dumb post, or whatever you choose; Donald Trump's Twitter rant by another name is but a tweet. And Donald Trump, who recently signed a bill allowing mentally ill patients to purchase guns, has been taking to Twitter to defend his claims that former President Barack Obama wiretapped him at Trump Tower during the presidential campaign and the transition. As the FBI, the Department of Justice and House and Senate investigatory committees have continued to claim that they have no evidence of wiretapping by Obama, Trump's tweets escalated.

Trump retweets Bill Mitchell

Trump retweeted two tweets by Bill Mitchell, who is a conservative radio host that Trump favors greatly. In Mitchell's first tweet, he claimed that House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes had stated that he was unable to "rule out" that officials of the Obama Administration were involved in surveillance of Donald Trump. Nunes also said was that information about Trump and his team had been "incidentally collected by the intelligence community," according to ABC News.

In his second tweet that Trump retweeted, Mitchell claimed that Trump is always "right" and that it is "a little freaky."

Adam Schiff attacks Nunes

Congressman Adam Schiff, (D-Calif.), vehemently attacked Nunes, and stated that as he sees it, Nunes has a decision to make.

Schiff proclaimed that Nunes needs to decide if he is the head of an investigation or a "surrogate" for the White House. Schiff then suggested that as a result of the events of today, he now has serious doubts about Nunes' ability and that of his committee "to conduct the investigation that way it ought to be conducted," according to ABC News.

Trump feels "vindicated" by Nunes

When President Trump was asked if he felt Nunes and his claim that surveillance by the Obama Administration "cannot be ruled out," he stated he felt "somewhat" vindicated. The President then stated he "very much appreciated the fact that they found what they found," according to ABC News.

Michael Flynn paid 500k by Turkey

Meanwhile, other Trump Administration problems have arisen within the last few weeks. It has been revealed that Michael Flynn, Trump's former NSA Advisor, was paid $500,000 by Turkey while briefing Trump during the campaign and the transition. Flynn was forced to resign because of the revelations.