According to the new NBC News-Wall Street Journal national poll, Trump's approval rating is still negative – but one light shines for the president of the USA, as most people believe that he'll be able to change America, and not necessarily for the worse.

The most disliked President since WW2

Michael Bender of the Wall Street Journal calls Trump the first post-World War II era president of the United States with a negative approval rating in his very first gauge of public opinion.

And the Wall Street Journal polls agree with him, showing that roughly only 44% of people approve of the job he's doing, against 48% who disapprove.

Performing as expected

An interesting question was also asked in the poll: how is Trump doing relative to the respondent's expectation? The overwhelming response was that he was doing about as well as they expected them to.

Of course, that all depends on what the person answering expected of the new President of the United States. Some expected him to perform well, others did not, but most seem to not have changed their minds about his performance.

Another question asked was about the challenges President Trump has faced so far. Are they growing pains, or unique to his administration? 52% thought they were unique to him, while 43% considered they were the kind of issue every new administration has to go through in the beginning.

Americans believe Trump will change America

The most shocking question, however, is when people were asked if they believed Trump would change America. After all the previous answers, one might think people would answer 'no', or at least expect the change to be a negative one, but that is not the case.

40% considered it to be very likely, with another 17% considering it fairly likely, and 20% believing he would change the country at least somewhat.

Those who answered positively to this question were then asked whether the change would be for better or worse. An overwhelming 48% considered that the change would be for the best, with only 23% believing the change would be for the worst. Again, very surprising answers from a poll with otherwise very mediocre results for President Trump.

But the people have spoken, and the trust is that most Americans truly believe he will change America for the best.