It has long been rumored that White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is a puppet master. Many believe the former Breitbart chairman is the mastermind behind decisions made by President Trump. On Friday, it seemed Bannon's grip on the Oval Office was loosening. He gave conservatives a direct order and did not leave room for compromise. His "just do it," Strategy, however, backfired right in his face.

Strong arm tactics don't work on Capital Hill

Bannon told Republicans that the America Health Care Act was not a debate. He told them they had no choice except to vote for it.

Obviously, Mr. Bannon was not aware, that strong arm tactics don't work on Capitol Hill. The Whit House Republicans showed him they did have a choice. Bannon's words were not heeded, and Obamacare continues for now as the law of the land.

The failure to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is a crushing blow to Republicans. It probably hit Steve Bannon even harder, since his direct order to do so was not heeded. Unfortunately for conservatives who did not vote for the ACA, Bannon had a backup plan. And now heads may roll.

Whose names are on the list

It is being reported, that prior to the vote, Bannon advised President Trump to make a *hit list. The president was to put on this list the names of conservatives who did not vote for the AHCA.

This will no doubt make for a hostile working environment. In addition to their being differences between Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill, there will now be contention with the President and Bannon, against those they consider as renegade conservatives.

Those whose names at on the list, may find life gets pretty hard for them after this point.

In the midst of all this juvenile behavior, America's enemies are watching and waiting. And the American people could pay a price because our government officials are not keeping focus on what they were placed in office for. Holding grudges, and punishing those who disagree with you is not much of a strategy.

The fate of Steve Bannon

When Donald Trump chose Steve Bannon as chief strategist, many Americans were shocked. Because of the views of Breitbart, Bannon had been labeled a racist and white nationalist. Bannon has indicated that he prefers the America of yesteryear where WASP"S, (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) reigned supreme. He has said on more than one occasion that the country was better before other religions began to overtake Judeo/Christian beliefs. Unfortunately for those who desire Steve Bannon to be removed as chief strategist, that will only happen if President Trump dies, resigns, or is impeached. The fate of Steve Bannon would rest in the hands of a newly elected president.