The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police are saying that the person responsible for the shooting on the strip surrendered after a three-hour standoff. The police are saying that one person was killed and one more person was injured.

What are the police saying?

Police evacuated the nearby cosmopolitan area around 11 in the morning in response to the incident. They said that there was only one suspect and it happened on the bus. There were two victims and they were both transported to the University Medical Hospital. One later died from his wounds. The surviving victim was shot in the stomach and is being treated for his wounds.

The identity of the victims have still not been released to the public.

According to police, there is no confirmed second shooter. They said that this is an isolated incident and is not considered a terrorist event. People were allowed back onto the strip around 4 p.m. local time. Traffic was closed on the strip until just after 6 in the evening.

More information on the incident

The suspect is reported as a male in his 50's. Police say he was not in the right frame of mind at the time. He reportedly boarded the bus carrying a handgun and later opened fire from the second floor of a bus. The suspect shot at multiple passengers. The entire time he was reportedly talking about seeing people and in an apparent delusional state of mind.

Police said it was apparent that he was not in a healthy mental state. The suspect began to fire at police with a handgun on multiple occasions during negotiations but at no time was fire returned. Police did, however, detonate a device to break the windows in order to allow access for a robot to see if the suspect was inside.

During this incident hotel patrons were instructed to take shelter in their rooms. Earlier in the day three people in costumes and animal masks robbed a jewelry store located inside of the Bellagio Casino and Hotel next door. They do say however that the two incidents are not connected.

The strip is now reopen and the suspect is in custody. There is no immediate threat to the public.