According to Jessica Ramirez of the Pasadena Police, Erasmo Hernandez didn’t want to hang around while police executed a narcotics search warrant at his home. Hernandez decided instead to jump into his vehicle and take police on an “exciting” 30-minute high-speed chase, all the way from Pasadena to southeast Houston.

Ramirez said police initiated a traffic stop but Hernandez fled the scene at speed. But that isn’t all. While driving fast in an attempt to evade the police, Hernandez decided to share the thrills of the experience with all his friends on social media, using the Facebook Live Video streaming app.

Ramirez told the media this isn’t something she has seen before in her career in law enforcement, but she did admit it is a sign of the modern times, saying everyone tends to post everything in their lives to social media these days.

Hernandez smiles and says goodbye in the Facebook Live video

As noted by KDVR, Hernandez is smiling as he continues his escape attempt from the Pasadena Police, all the while saying goodbye to his friends, no doubt knowing what is next in store for him after the fun ends. Hernandez tells his Facebook followers in the video that he is “gone forever.” From the video, it is pretty clear that Hernandez enjoyed his wild “joy ride,” along with the sirens blaring and police vehicles trailing behind him.

In the meantime, his Facebook friends got to enjoy a front row seat view of the action.

A flat tire calls a halt to the high-speed chase

According to police, at around 20 minutes into the chase, Hernandez had a flat tire on his Hyundai Sonata, putting an end to the action. It turns out the suspect wasn’t quite so happy as police arrested him and then took his mug shot.

As reported by CBS Austin, his road ahead will not be a joyride, as Hernandez is now facing charges of felony possession of a weapon, along with evading arrest. As for the Facebook Live video? According to Ramirez, that can be used as evidence in court. Social media turned out to be a bad idea after all for this Pasadena man.

Readers can watch the footage of the chase in the video included below.