According to Fox News, the search for Elizabeth Thomas, 15, has reportedly “gone fairly cold,” as it has now been five days since the teenager went missing. Reportedly the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) is involved in the search for the teenager and her health teacher, Tad Cummins, 50, of Maury County Schools. After issuing the second Amber alert, the TBI believes the girl may have been abducted by Cummins in an effort to sexually exploit the teen and they say she is in danger. As reported by 48 Waff, Cummins is believed to be in possession of two handguns.

Cummins suspended by the school for alleged sexual interaction with Elizabeth

TBI has revealed their investigations have uncovered a troubling pattern of behavior between the health teacher and his student, which suggests Cummins may have groomed and lured Elizabeth, with the aim of possibly sexually exploiting the teen. District Attorney General Brent Cooper confirmed on Wednesday that Cummins is facing a charge relating what is believed to be a sexual interaction between the teacher and his student. The Columbia Daily Herald reported that Cummins was caught in the act of kissing Thomas in the school on January 23 and reportedly officials at the school knew about the incident the next day, but allowed the teacher to continue working at the school up until February 6.

Cummins was then suspended by the school district and was terminated from his job at the school on Tuesday.

Teacher and Tennessee teenager could be anywhere by now

According to Josh DeVine of the TBI, it is vital that everyone knows about the missing pair, saying they could be anywhere by now.

He said they want to stress that the Tennessee teenager is in danger. According to DeVine, TBI has received around 125 leads, but he says that number is too low. He went on to remind that Cummins could possibly have two firearms in his possession and that there is an arrest warrant out, accusing Cummins of sexual contact with a minor. TBI also believes Cummins may have taken out a $4,500 cash loan, just a few days ago.