There haven’t been tourists in the White House since the inauguration almost two months ago. President Donald Trump surprised the first tourists allowed in on Tuesday. A privacy screen held the surprise presidential visitor back from view until the perfect moment. Staffing, re-organization and acclimation of the new administration had put public tours of the White House on hold.

Politics and history

Tourists, some of them school children from Alabama, were cheering as the commander in chief greeted them. One young, lucky, white house tourist, chosen from the crowd was given a handshake and pat on the head from newly elected President Donald Trump as his classmates cheered him on, claiming he too was now famous.

Visitors mentioned that they were unaware, despite receiving tickets months ago, that they would be among the first to visit the house during the administration of President Donald Trump.

Despite many in the crowd claiming to be supporters of President Trump, there were several disappointed Hillary Clinton supporters. The Clinton supporters had signed up for tickets expecting to be the first tourists in the house during the administration of the first woman president. There were no hard feelings, though. Despite being disappointed at the outcome of the election, one couple expressed excitement at being in such a historical building. Other non-Trump supporters were said to have felt that despite the White House being a place of politics it was also a place of history and were grateful to be able to take a tour through such an estate.

Some visitors commented on the increase in security measures during the visit as compared with their visits in the past.

Tickets to the White House are free

Tickets for a tour through the public areas of the White House are free. The 217-year-oldld building has been accepting tourist for many years, closing to the public only a handful of times either for reasons of security or renovation. The tickets are free, and the White House tours are self guided walking tours through the public areas of the estate.