Recent reporting indicates that President Trump has proposed a multi-billion-dollar budget that will provide better resources for defense contractors and will provide aircraft, ballistic missiles, and better naval vessels. Various sources have conducted interviews with Ground Troops that have indicated that their basic equipment is subpar compared to the enemy. Troops have non-functioning gear and lack of access to proper combat training.

The President’s military budget increases

The president recently sent requests for billions of dollars in increases in naval and aircraft strategic materials, yet cut the ground troops’ need for heavier armored vehicles and protective equipment—things that would save our troops that will be in the direct line of combat.

It appears as if troops will get a 2.1% pay increase; but this was put in motion by former President Obama in December 2016. Furthermore, funding was not allocated with any accounts that cover new family housing for military families. In short, the military “working class” and their families are not being prioritized—the working-class families are also reportedly redeeming several million dollars in SNAP benefits per year.

Ground troops get left behind

Inadequate military family incentives are not the only downfall of this military budget increase; ground troops suffer because of lack of equipment and lack of training. For example, Marine Corporal (Cpl.) Edward L. Kiser, an anti-tank gunner, needs to train properly so that enemy tanks do not overrun friendly positions.

According to Huffington Post, Cpl. Kiser stated, “I’ve been in the Marine Corps for two years, and I’ve only shot the thing one time.”

Reportedly, Cpl. Kiser and other troops like him will have to settle for “budget leftovers with antiquated rifles, helicopters built for their grandfathers during the Vietnam War and communications gear that is overweight and unreliable.”

With a great number of our country’s KIA (killed in action) being infantry or ground troops, the aforementioned appears to be problematic.

Robert H. Scales, a “combat-decorated Army general," informed the source that the ground troops only get 1% of the national military budget resources.

The reality of the changing face of combat

Ground troops not having effective training or safe, functional equipment has tactical commands worried—but not strategic commands such as USCENTCOM (United States Central Command).

Central Command is located in Florida where they “direct and enable military operations and activities with allies and partners to increase regional security and stability in support of enduring U.S. interests.”

CENTCOM reports that our nation’s enemies overseas are a complicated and multi-faceted enemy. They hone in on the need for funding for conventional warfare, special operations (which requires ground troops), ballistic missile defense, and cyber warfare. There is a great demand for control over the cyber space battlefield where the enemy is spreading radical Islamic views.

Military members and the nation have reason to be concerned if they plan on sending off more troops, people’s loved ones, off to combat with inadequate training and poor equipment.

President Trump is attempting to dismantle Obama’s former military budget plans.

Even with the great General Mattis by his side, it still seems as if both of their proposals are built on providing better systems, not better conditions and equipment for the troops on the ground. It is not clear what the current administration intends to do with their increased troop request while simultaneously lacking the funding to outfit and to train them—or take care of their families.